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Title: We Live Here
Type: Class, Society
Recommended by Kelly Moffitt from the Flyover newsletter.
She says, "This week’s newsletter features one of my very favorite St. Louis podcasts, which I have long admired not just because the people who make it used to be my colleagues at St. Louis Public Radio, but because they show just what is possible with a narrative-style, reported podcast produced locally. This podcast explains St. Louis with such nuance, it is one of the inspirations behind why I started this newsletter: through it, I saw what was possible!"
Description: A St. Louis-based podcast that keeps it real about race and class ...for people somewhere on the woke spectrum.
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Title: Fighting Talk (BBC)
Type: Sport, Comedy
Recommended by Stabl reader, Tom Watson.
He says, "Fighting Talk is one of those perfect panel shows that only the BBC can do - and it combines two of my favourite things in comedy and sport. I look forward to this one every week."
Description: A hilarious look at the volatile world of sport where guests compete for points with their sporting punditry. Informed comments are rewarded but witless outbursts are penalised. Presented by Colin Murray.
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Title: Tracks (BBC)
Type: Drama
Recommended by podcast critic Pete Naughton. Find more info about him here.
He says, "Podcasts are increasingly shaping the way audio dramas are being produced...[this is a great example of that]. Tracks does the 'who done it' cliffhanger tease well."
Description: A multi-award-winning conspiracy thriller, written by Matthew Broughton.
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Title: Dissect - A Serialized Music Podcast
Type: Music
Recommended by John Harris from the Podcasters' Support Group on Facebook.
He says, "An 'oh god I wish I'd thought of that' idea where someone looks through classic albums dedicating each episode to a track on the record."
Description: Dissect is a serialized music podcast that breaks long form musical analysis into short, digestible episodes. Season 1 is dedicated entirely to To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar. Over nearly 20 episodes, we'll dissect this Grammy-award winning record measure-by-measure, word-by-word, until we reach a complete understanding of this modern masterpiece.
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Title: Issa Rae Presents… FRUIT
Type: Drama
Recommended by Ma'ayan Plaut from our friends at RadioPublic.
She says, "From Issa Rae, creator of Insecure on HBO, FRUIT tells the story of X as he figures out his sexuality in the alpha male world of professional football."
Description: A professional football player X, recounts his journey of self-discovery and sexual exploration both on and off the field, in this first-person narrative. FRUIT chronicles X's relationship with his friends, teammates and family as they impose their own perceptions of his role in an alpha-male dominated industry of professional sports. Amidst questioning for a larger league-related scandal, X must ultimately decide how he wants his story to be told, for himself, and for others like him.
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Title: In our Time (BBC)
Type: History
Recommended by the Podcasts We Listen To Facebook page.
When asked what podcast they would take onto a desert island, Matt says, "I would go with In Our Time from the BBC for their back catalogue and range of topics. It's like an audio encyclopedia."
We say, "Perfect for soaking up knowledge from world experts."
Description: Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the history of ideas.
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Title: Versify
Type: Poetry
Recommended by Lauren from The Big Listen.
She says, "If you’ve ever had a poem written about you, it was likely penned by some puppy-eyed suitor extolling the virtues of your love. But it was probably not written by a stranger. On Versify, a stranger is exactly who’s writing the poetry. It’s a show that pairs a storyteller with a poet to create an original poem inspired by the storyteller’s tale. The show charts the creative process and the connection between poet and storyteller."
Description: Versify is part storytelling and part poetry. It begins by sending our team of poets out into neighborhoods and to community events, where we invite people to share a story from their life. The person they are sharing it to — the person listening — is one of our poets. This is where the magic comes in. The poet listens intently and then turns that life story into a poem, on the spot.
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Title: Heat Rocks (from Maximum Fun)
Type: Music
Recommended by Ben Cannon from the Constant Listener newsletter.
He says, "Rhodes and Wang bring so much each discussion, flexing their expertise with equal parts erudition and panache. One can’t help but fall for the way that the pair make approachable their immense music knowledge, ingratiating the listener into the discussion while delivering an academic level of analysis to a genre categorically treated with much less weight than it deserves."
Description: Scorching guests and sizzling records: join music writer Oliver Wang and music supervisor Morgan Rhodes each week as they invite their favorite artists, critics and scholars for in-depth conversations about the albums that shape our lives. Each week our special guests will take you deep into their heat rocks from the world of hip-hop, soul, dance, jazz, funk and more. Get with us!
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Title: Blue Planet II
Type: Nature
Recommended by The Guardian newsletter, Hear Here.
They say, "Blue Planet’s behind-the-scenes diaries, where the secrets of the fabled BBC Natural History unit are revealed, can be as finely crafted as the main show. Yet the drive to cram in as many stunning action sequences as possible into each episode leaves a lot of the science left unexplored. Into this gap step Becky and Emily, two enthusiastic Blue Planet fan girls who happen to work in BBC radio “just across the car park” from the show’s creators. Taking advantage of their insider status, they attend the show’s premiere in London, corner veteran cameramen and probe some of the revelations about animal behaviour that the TV show is revealing. A must listen for the Blue Planet fan."
Description: Join us for a deeper dive into the science & spectacle of Blue Planet II. New episodes weekly, right after the show finishes on telly. Presented by Emily Knight & Becky Ripley.
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Title: Someone Knows Something
Type: True Crime
Recommended by Ann Ornie from the Podcasts We Listen To Facebook group.
She says, "Someone Knows Something or SKS Season 3 is out and it's everything I was hoping for."
Description: In 1964, the remains of Charles Moore and Henry Dee were found in the Mississippi River. But no one was convicted. 40 years later, Charles's brother Thomas returns to Mississippi with David Ridgen to reopen the case and confront the Klan.
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Title: Savage Lovecast
Type: Sex, Advice
Recommended by the lovely folk at The Guardian.
They say, "Savage, as ever, was insightful and encouraging. He advised the builder-fancier to check with the boyf to see if he’d go for an open relationship; if that idea is not received well, then her choice is clear. “If you can’t have it all, you can have freedom,” he said cheerily. “But you don’t know till you ask!” And he has no probs with sexual kinks, as long as you put “a firewall” between what turns you on and what you get up to outside the bedroom."
Description: Dan Savage, America's only advice columnist, answers your sex questions and yaps about politics.
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Title: The Butterfly Effect
Type: Culture
Recommended by Galen from Bello Collective.
They say, "Formerly only available on Audible, it's now free to download."
Description: Join bestselling author Jon Ronson as he traces a very strange butterfly effect. A teen in Brussels had an idea – to make porn free and easy to stream online. The consequences of that idea are mysterious, delightful, surprising, and sad. This 7-part series takes you on a journey to places you’ll never expect.
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Title: Rough Giraffe
Type: Comedy
Recommended by Sean Kendle from the Podcasts We Listen To Facebook group.
He says, "Just got into Rough Giraffe. It's a woman and her mother talking over the phone, both British. The mom is so charmingly hilarious! Highly recommended!"
Description: Join Mum and Stacey for a quirky comedy podcast full of stories, facts and a wonky cat! Proud members of The Brit Pod Scene.
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